Monday, May 21, 2012

where to start...

it's been a long, eventful, stressful, exciting, confusing, emotional, fun, boring, dreadful, loving, week.

this week has been pretty hard not having my best friend there to talk to. (natalie i love you, i mean my best BOY to dallin of course)

i guess you paint a picture in your mind --wishful thinking i think is what they may call it-- of all of the things that you picture that special someone being a part of. so when they aren't there, it's not as exciting.

we tend to glamorize things. so when it's not lived up to it's full potential, we get let down. we let ourselves down.

yesterday was seminary graduation, and a huge family party. it was great, being surrounded by so many proud loving family members. but something was missing. you.

i went and visited my friends mcklendon and joe yesterday and it was great to see them and catch up and hang out at the pad, laugh, HARD and tell stories after stories. hear about all of the crazy girls they hang out with. but something was missing. you.

but i have to go on. every day i have to try and find the good in it. and that's where all of the emotion kicks in. 

on a lighter note, yesterday was seminary graduation :)
i finally did it. pure luck! for real...ha i should not have been graduating.
but i did, and i am very proud of myself for not giving up.

my mom was so sweet, threw me a graduation party after, and got me the sweetest graduation present. i seriously love her. couldn't have done it without her. thanks mama bear.

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