Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i cannot WAIT for the 4th of july

seriously, it is probably one of my most favorite holidays of the year.
i was at forever 21 up at city creek and they have SO many cute things with american 
flags on them. --so many cute things in general. i wanted it all.
but it honestly made me SO summer hungry i could've cried.
especially for the 4th of july. best time of the year.

○stadium of fire
○camp out in provo
○7 eleven
○late night
○no sleep
○hot sun
○ankle bracelets
○dr. pepper and lemonade
○watermelon fest
○cliff jumping
○family BBQ
○cute 4th of july colors
○tank tops
○falling asleep anywhere and everywhere ALL day long
○fights breaking out
○the lake
○otter pops
○sleeping under the stars
○running around like hood rats
○millions of people
○swim suits
○the river
○baseball games
○american flags

serioulsy the best night of my life. i am obsessed!!

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