Saturday, May 26, 2012

last day of high school today....weird.

nattys graduation is tonight at 7. so proud of her. finally done baby girl. way to go!

today has been one of those weird emotional roller coaster kind of days..not fun. i should be so excited and proud of myself that i'm graduating. that high school is over. that it's the next step in life and that life starts now. but i'm not.....i was talking to my mama last night cause i was just feeling so anxious about everything, and she explained to me that every feeling, every sickness, every emotion all connects to an event that has happened in my life.

as of late, --the past couple weeks i've been feeling really anxious, nauseous, and haven't had an appetite.

my mom has this book called, feelings buried alive. it explains all about how sensitive your spirit is to things that happen in your life and how it can physically effect you. things that spiritually or emotionally happen to you literally take a toll on your body.

i read just some of the symptoms in the book and kind of traced them back to why i'm feeling the way i do. i'll put some other interesting ones i found as well...........enjoy.

ANXIETY-- feels unable to call the shots. feels boxed in. feels helpless to affect a change.

NAUSEA-- rejecting the visualization of something you don't want to see. wishing an undesirable situation had never happened. fear of something about to happen.

APPETITE-- (loss of) incorrect perceptions causing distrust and a form of depression.

ones that i just found interesting...

TONSILS-- tense will. repressed fear or anger. irritation at someone. no getting own way.

INSOMNIA-- tensions in life. deep seeded guilt. feelings of fear and anxiety. reaction to potential threatening situations.

anyway..kind of interesting.

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