Wednesday, May 23, 2012

so....natalie and i are making our first little edit together today :) many more to come though. we are filming EVERYTHING this summer. bro judd is going to help us edit them, and then teach us all of the cool little tricks so we can do it on our own because he's moving and won't be able to help us anymore... :( sad day. BUT it will be good and fun. i decided that i'm going to start on my generals in the fall just to get my foot in the door. i want to take a photography class or maybe a film class, haven't decided yet. i'm getting a camera for my graduation present though and i am SO stoked :) but i had to SWEAR that i would take one of those classes so that i could put it to good use :) done and done! so natty and i are just going to cruise around on the scooter all day and film our crazy selves. film the start of summer, our senior trip :) :) all the way to the end of the summer! i'll post em all up!

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