Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i want to be his favorite hello, and his hardest goodbye...

yes, it may not be goodbye forever.
but it is indeed goodbye.
and i have never been able to master that one quite yet..
so, yes. i'll cry. i'll miss. i'll want.
until i'm able to be with you again i will.
no one should expect any different.
how you handle it is up to you.
frankly, i wish you the best.
i wish you all the happiness you can find.
and i hope and pray that this time leads you back to me.
because i know exactly where i am headed.

i had to go visit mama and papa C today. i HAD to. biggest mistake i think though....luckily i had sunglasses on when i hugged kyle because the second i looked up at him and his smile and realized i was saying goodbye to them for a while, i lost it. they are honestly like my second family. kyle and tammy care so much about there family..and it shows. the love they have and show to each and every individual they come in contact with is not of this world. whether i end up with landon or not, i mean this from the bottom of my heart, i hope to one day become as wonderful of a wife and mother as tammy is. i look up to her so much, she truly is amazing. her, along with kyle have honestly taught me so much, and i will be forever grateful for that. i love them like they are my family, and i hope they feel the same way about me.

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