Sunday, May 27, 2012

kay so....first off

it's the strangest thing waking up one day and all of the sudden not having parents there to nag on your every move. sad to say in a strange, very WEIRD kind of way, i sort of miss's so weird to be out at all hours of the night with whoever the heck i please, walk through the door whenever i want, not have a curfew, bedtime, or rules without my parents completely flipping out at me. it's only been a week since this has been going on and already i live for my mom to say, be home at a decent hour, or be safe i love you. but now I'M  the one calling her. dependency issues? probably. no, it really is fine though. i'm loving it. i'm loving finally being treated like an adult. just the other day my little brother was asking to go to some party and my mom called and asked ME for advice about it. well, sure! thanks :) ha it makes me feel good that my opinion matters and that she trusts me to make good decisions. my mom has honestly been my best friend through everything going on lately, and i am SO grateful for that. sad to say, we got in a HUGE fight about a month ago and it scared me so bad to think that i'd be graduating and moving out on those terms...but that seriously has brought us closer together than ever. everything happens for a reason, and for that i am grateful.

alright, secondly

last night was one of the funniest, scariest, experiences of my life. like SO scary to the point where you don't know if you should laugh or cry. we were all up at carson rawle's cabin (nicest thing i have EVER been to. one of ours) and we're watching a movie. the movie ends, and carson gets off the couch and tells everyone that he hears someone upstairs....we all stop and listen and hear foot prints above us (take note that there are 4 levels to this place so it could have been coming from any of the 3 other levels above us) we all start getting nervous wondering who it could be, and then carson decides that him and the other boy there should go upstairs and check. so it's natalie and i alone to fend for ourselves in the basement, we started freaking out and ran up with the boys who are now on the main level in the kitchen listening by the stairs. carson starts walking up the stairs when he hears the water turn on...he books it down the stairs and calls his brother conner to see if it was just him pulling a prank. after we made a few phone calls and realized that it wasn't anyone we knew, we really started to trip. we all started grabbing knives and just stood there silent. i was honestly laughing i was so scared, i was about to pee my pants, and every time i laughed i would have to pee even more which made carson laugh, you know, just one of those horrible awkward  don't know what to do kind of situations. finally we hear the loudest steps up stairs so we haul A out to the garage and get in carsons car! we back out of there, phones and purses and shoes still in the house and we're getting ready to leave when carsons dad calls him and tells him he needs to go back and set the alarm...we're all freaking out calling dibs not to have to go back in. of course, we pull a horror movie and all decide that it'd only be fair if we all went back in there. we got back in the garage and got the sickest feeling so carson said we needed to say a prayer. as soon as the prayer was over we all had a sense of relief and carson took charge like a man! ha ha i know it probably sounds weak, and lame, but i finally know why the idiot girl in all of the horror films doesn't run when she's about to get killed or why she acts and looks like a complete idiot in defense. your body seriously goes into shock. it's scary. we were all just hopelessly standing there holding knifes, just shaking, we would have been gonzos for sure...but we're not, so that's good. and it makes a good story :) anyway i hope ya'll are having a great sunday. till next time, love demi.

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