Friday, May 4, 2012

○thank the lord it's friday○

last night was a very eventful night to say the least...won't go into details.
woke up this morning snuggs up with natalie anne. and then got ready for school.
watched THEE funniest assembly..i was dying! 
with that said......

todays agenda is as follows....

•take my senior pictures with tanner christensen --courtesy of mr. landon kade christensen
•come home and help paint the basement with land, jess n bry, and nat :) 
•make a funny music video with the boy
•party alllll night because the parents are outta town. yeeee!
•LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A MANUAL....landon kade this requires YOUR assistance
•probs eat hells food and dance hells hard
•snuggs down all night with my two very best friends

.it should be a pretty fun and chill day.

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