Tuesday, May 22, 2012

here we go...

 they do say heart break is a process, and i am far from over it. i seriously have to tell myself every day "he doesn't love me" "he's over me" "he wants to move on" "if he loved me, he'd be with me" just to make myself feel better. it's helping. as crazy as it sounds, hurting myself, putting these things in my head is making it a lot easier for me to accept it. i love him still, always will.. and i want him in my life. as a lover, as a friend, what we used to be, something new, i just seriously wish he felt the same. i want to call him and say, "suck it up and be my friend! i need you." but i can't. so i won't. love can be such a game....a horrible hurtful game....i seriously am done playing. i'll always be here. whether i'm with someone else in a year,two, i will ALWAYS be here for that boy as long as he'll allow me to be.....or start allowing me to be again...

ANYWAY...... on a lighter note
here's a little song for you people. so good.

Song of the day
this womens work:greg laswell 

i should be crying but i just can't let it show, 
i should hoping but i can't stop thinking,
all the things we should've said but i never said,
all the things we should have done but we never did,
all the things i should've given but i didn't,
oh my darling make it go,
make it go away...

"give me, these moments back
give them back to me.
give me the little kiss,
give me your..."

go listen. you won't regret it.

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