Thursday, May 24, 2012

•i can't wait to meet my husband•

to be able to look in each others eyes and know the love we have for each other.

to trust.

to be trusted.

to love.

to be loved.

to share.

to give.

to feel equality.

so i'll wait. i'll wait until i KNOW he is right. it may be that i pass by him and make eye contact and KNOW that he is the one. it may be that we have never met, it may be that we have known each other for days, months, years! i cannot wait until that moment. all i know is that he will love me. he will love me like i know i am able to love this man.

want to know how i know?

because i love myself. i know that i deserve the best. i know that i have the capability to unconditionally love someone. i know it. because i have before. and with that, i know i deserve it in return. i've had my heart broken from loving too much 3 too many's time to get it in return. and i cannot WAIT until i do.

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