Sunday, May 27, 2012

memorial day weekend

 my family and i went and visited every one in my family that has passed on to the next life today for memorial day. sad, but a very good experience and wonderful family time. 

i miss you yia-yia. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about you or miss your sweet loving smile. every birthday that passes i reflect back to your delicious blueberry pancakes and our walks down to see your horse. i miss you more than you would know, and wish you were here every single day to talk to. all the people in my life i wish you could have met....i miss your hugs. i miss dancing and cooking with you in the kitchen. you raised such a wonderful family. and i am SO proud to be a part of it. i am so blessed to have a mother like i do. and you're all to thank. there is so much i wish i could say to you. so many things i wish you could have been a part of in my life, but i know you are here in spirit. i miss your strong but loving personality which i hope to one day master. i miss how much you believed in me. i love you with all my heart . and i will never forget how amazing you were. till we meet again.
love, Demitria

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